Refine and Define

Sunday, 13 April 2014

What I'm Wearing - Key Hole Peplum top from Portmans in Black, Price: $49.95; Pink Peach skirt from op shop, also worn here, Price: $7.00; Peach Blouse from op shop (for sale on my etsy here) also worn here; T-Strap Pumps in Black from Yeswalker (similar on sale here and here); Slice-shaped Peach Earrings from a vintage store, Price: $5.00.
These photos really don't do this top justice ('twas hard to photograph alongside such a light pink); it has such unique details like the keyhole back and split and angular peplum. I think my style has not simplified over the past year...rather it has refined. I appreciate details, construction and fit more than being outrageous or daring (even though I do value those qualities in an outfit, they are less and less of a priority). I prefer a garment that is unique and detailed over a stock-standard trend. However, I find that with personal style blogging the notion of an ever-evolving style often goes amiss. We tend to forget that people's style changes as they move, live and are inspired. People's priorities change, and their style follows suit; as this IFB article states "when a brand is locked in with a particular lifestyle, changing that without losing your readers is not so easy." To wrap it up, my style may seem different, but the way I go about styling, dressing and photographing follow the same procedure; I still believe in wearing anything as long as you like it, and following no rules.

Hopefully these photos are an improvement from my last two lazy posts. I'm not too sure what else I should write here anymore so I'll put it over to you; what are your favourite details in a garment?

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