Under-estimate the girl

Sorry again about the lack of outfit posts, It's mainly because I haven't been anywhere exciting lately. Anyway, I've been making patterns and stuff on Photoshop. I seem to enjoy making patterns, I made this blog's background aswell. If you guys want these available for download or something let me know & i'll try to make it happen. 

What I'm Listening to: Kate Nash - Under-estimate the girl

*Please credit me where possible in using these patterns.

7 Responses to “Under-estimate the girl”
  1. Snow says:

    These are really cool! I need to get Photoshop.

  2. kundalini says:

    Oh my god PLEASE make these available for download. I love the neon one second for last as a computer background or something IDK These are ALL gorgeous. You're really talented!

  3. Mikazuki says:

    These are GORGEOUS! You are really talented. :)

  4. Lillian says:

    Thanks! Yeah Photoshop is great! :D

  5. Lillian says:

    Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoy them. I am making them available for download on my DeviantArt page, not all are available yet but there are a few up. To download just click the 'Download Image' button on the left panel of the page. :D


  6. Lillian says:

    Thanks so much! :D

  7. Snow says:

    I nominated you for the versatile blogger award! If you are interested, check out my post ^^

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