We fell asleep in the middle of the fury

What I'm Wearing - Swirly print vintage dress from Cream, price: $20; Embroidered purple blouse/cardigan from op shop; Embroidered pink button up w/collar from op shop; Pink bow shoes by I Love Billy shoes; Crinoline from Etsy.

This outfit has no special occasion or notion, I just wanted an excuse to prance around in this swirly print dress. And of course, I wore my crinoline/petticoat underneath to show off the flare of the skirt. It has little godet sections around the base which gives it that dreamy skater skirt look. Ignore the experimental editing - I was trying to make that blue backdrop more interesting. :)

What I'm Listening to: Sleigh Bells - Demons

6 Responses to “We fell asleep in the middle of the fury”
  1. Pri B says:

    That dress is really beautiful.
    It reminds me of the marbling effect.
    Beautiful colours and swirls.

  2. Lillian says:

    It's such a fun dress! And it is very much like marbling as you said. :D :D

  3. Snow says:

    I love those shoes. I love how you wore a petticoat. I need to get one instead of using my hot pink tutu :P

  4. Lillian says:

    I adore my petticoat, they're really worth the money. :D :D

  5. Blythe says:

    Lovely outfit, and great effect on the pictures!


  6. Lillian says:

    Thanks so much :D

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