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Refine and Define

What I'm Wearing - Key Hole Peplum top from Portmans in Black, Price: $49.95; Pink Peach skirt from op shop, also worn here, Price: $7.00; Peach Blouse from op shop (for sale on my etsy here) also worn here; T-Strap Pumps in Black from Yeswalker (similar on sale here and here); Slice-shaped Peach Earrings from a vintage store, Price: $5.00.
These photos really don't do this top justice ('twas hard to photograph alongside such a light pink); it has such unique details like the keyhole back and split and angular peplum. I think my style has not simplified over the past year...rather it has refined. I appreciate details, construction and fit more than being outrageous or daring (even though I do value those qualities in an outfit, they are less and less of a priority). I prefer a garment that is unique and detailed over a stock-standard trend. However, I find that with personal style blogging the notion of an ever-evolving style often goes amiss. We tend to forget that people's style changes as they move, live and are inspired. People's priorities change, and their style follows suit; as this IFB article states "when a brand is locked in with a particular lifestyle, changing that without losing your readers is not so easy." To wrap it up, my style may seem different, but the way I go about styling, dressing and photographing follow the same procedure; I still believe in wearing anything as long as you like it, and following no rules.

Hopefully these photos are an improvement from my last two lazy posts. I'm not too sure what else I should write here anymore so I'll put it over to you; what are your favourite details in a garment?

Quick Links:
- I recently listed some more clothes on my Etsy store, with more to come (a few of the items i've worn in previous posts).
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- Check out Fame and Partners new range (you'll hear about them again when my dress arrives)
- Check out South-Korean indie-electro artist Neon Bunny's new video below.

Listening to - Neon Bunny's It's You:

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Clean Cut

What I'm Wearing - Peach Blouse from op shop (for sale on my etsy here); Beaded chiffon dress from Dotti, price: unknown; I Love Billy Pink Bow Shoes.

Aside from my declining Photoshop skills, I'd like to announce that I now have a partnership with Fame & Partners (I'll be offering discounts on some of their formal dresses so keep an eye out!). I'd also like to mention that the shirt i'm wearing, which is actually part of a suit, is for sale on my Etsy. I also did a major wardrobe clean out and cull so I will have more clothes that I've previously photographed on here as well. As for everything non-sale related (I know, I'm sorry); I was lazy and took these photos in my room, besides the blue backdrop - so excuse the messy desk. :)

Fame & Partners Fame Chain Official Blogger

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White on White

What I'm Wearing - Sheer white embroidered top from op shop, brand: Just Jeans; Sheer white top from Portmans, Price: $50; Black stretchy wrap dress, Secondhand; Black lattice shoes from Sportsgirl (also seen here)

After a loooooooooong long time not posting I thought I would pop this post up for the sake of it - I didn't wear this out. I will be back with some more posts hopefully!
How was your 2013?

What I'm Listening to - 

Flawless - Beyonce

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Steal my sunshine

3 weeks and no posts - oops. I blame it on the exams and assignments for school, and my lack thereof going out and about. I haven't really worn anything other than my uniform and t-shirts for the past 3 weeks. This post isn't going to be topic-specific; my writing is pretty shocking lately. 

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(from left to right...)

And I made an 8tracks playlist some time during the past 3 weeks. It doesn't particularly have a theme of any sort, so it's probably not enjoyable unless you have my music taste.

I know I said this at the end of the last post, but I will most likely have a few outfits coming up as I may actually be getting out of the house for once in the near future. Until then I'll leave you with another 8tracks mix that I made tonight. Enjoy. :D

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Under-estimate the girl

Sorry again about the lack of outfit posts, It's mainly because I haven't been anywhere exciting lately. Anyway, I've been making patterns and stuff on Photoshop. I seem to enjoy making patterns, I made this blog's background aswell. If you guys want these available for download or something let me know & i'll try to make it happen. 

What I'm Listening to: Kate Nash - Under-estimate the girl

*Please credit me where possible in using these patterns.

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Yesterday's Jam

It's been a while! Admittedly I did take these pictures a few days ago but didn't get around to putting them up. Nonetheless, here's a post to make up for those 8-or-so days I posted nothing.

What I'm Wearing - Embroidered white blouse from op shop; Black velvet dress (worn backwards and weirdly...); Blazer (worn as skirt); Black lattice shoes from Sportsgirl.

I wore this outfit to a family dinner, it sort of reminds me of a job interview outfit though... Anyway, I figured I really like wearing blazers as skirts, the sleeves make for really cool pockets that look like black-holes. I also have no idea why I wore the dress that way, but it turned out to be a hybrid cape-tank-top contraption. 
I spent the weekend at my friend Rebecca's house. Here's some Instagram (yes, i'm lame and use instagram...) pictures from the weekend:

(view on Instagram) Standard vain picture of myself before the dinner, I changed the top to a yellow tinted one and added a neck-tie thing.
(view on Instagram) It looks like i'm holding a cigarette...but i'm not, I promise (!) Underneath the night-gown thing i'm wearing is a Lily Allen shirt I bought from her concert a few years ago; it doesn't get enough wear.

(view on Instagram) Another standard photo; this time of food (scones with housemade jam, cream & orange juice) . I was too hungry to be one of those people who Instagrams their food before eating it; after I marvelled at the delicious-ness of the housemade jam I felt I should snap a picture of it.

What I'm Listening to: Little Boots - SHAKE

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A Spectacular Tumble - feminist musings on the Oscars

 I don't actually know what relevance these pictures have to the rest of this post - oh well. 

I don't usually touch on 'feminist' topics or issues on this blog but I am someone who loves to state their opinion, and where opportunity arises i'm there. And while I didn't happen to watch the Oscars this year (nor any other year for that matter), I did happen to catch footage of possibly the most controversial issues of the night which, with host Seth MacFarlane, were bound to occur. Unfortunately, 'humour' was a common theme of the night, most of these jokes have erupted backlash. These derogatory remarks were being thrown around frivolously by MacFarlane, who even dared to make a 'joke' about Chris Brown and Rihanna, making light of sexual abuse. 

The main issue I wanted to address, however, is possibly the most controversial and grande, musical-esque performance of the night. The song was titled "We Saw Your Boobs", and with a title like that it was bound to stir controversy. This opening song was a supposed homage to Hollywood's leading actresses. When I first saw it, I was puzzled for a moment as to why I found it unsettling. It wasn't the mention of a female body part, nor the horrible melody. It was the fact that it trivialized these actress' performances and diminished them to mere acts of 'exposure' and nudity. These scenes in movies are perfectly fine and are usually done in good taste, what i'm disappointed in is not nudity. It's a complete dismissal of the actress' effort and skill in executing these roles in popular culture. It ignores the fact that these women's performances did not just consist of being topless. They consisted of hard work, skill and a desire to provide entertainment - after all, that is what an actress/actor is supposed to do.

These actresses themselves were shown in disappointment, Naomi Watts' expression went grim as she was mentioned in the song. Whether these reactions from the females mentioned in the song were real or staged for added 'humour' (I suspect they were fake reactions), it still warrants a concern for the way in which female actresses are celebrated for their work. 

Furthermore, as I flitted around some sites while reading about this occurance I noticed a few other events being reported on from the night and also one too many comments which generalized feminists (something not unheard of) and complained that too many people found the song offensive, often alluding to the fact that those who don't find it funny have no sense of humour. While I understand that humour is truly a subjective thing, it can often cause harm that goes unnoticed. Instances like this call for serious re-evaluation rather than dismissal because it's 'just a joke'.
I'm just going to let this set of comments speak for itself. (Source)

Sidebar of the Daily Mail's 'femail' section. (Source)
Notice (in the image to the left) how the women are making headlines for their "spectacular tumble(s)" demonstrating what  clumsy beings they are (sarcasm intended); and the men are portrayed as talented and fun as they "take home three Best Actor Oscars"and "steal the show...(with) 'high fives."
All in all, I'm glad I didn't watch the Oscars, however it does provide a comprehensive overview on issues that exist in contemporary culture; a microcosm if you will.

What do you think about these instances? I'm completely open for discussion on this one. Do you think i'm over-reacting or were you also disappointed?

ps - Sorry for not posting for a while, I actually wrote this a few days ago but wasn't sure on whether to post it...

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All Day And All Of The Night

What I'm Wearing - Uneven collared bronze shirt made by myself; Hounds tooth pencil skirt with plaid detailing made by myself; Gold tiered earrings from Diva, price: unknown; Gold snake wrap bracelet from op shop; Cream heeled oxford-style shoes from EKO, price: $30.

Hello again, I wore this outfit to my friend's birthday dinner last night and made the shirt in the same day. The bronzey-coloured fabric was actually a curtain and was given to me by my grandma. I'd been staring at the fabric all week and decided I had to make something out of it. So I chose a pattern from my stash and got cutting. I'm surprised I didn't stuff it up actually, considering I didn't read the instructions well and made it in 3 hours. Nonetheless, the shirt turned out fantastic and was surprisingly easy to make. 

What I'm Listening to: W&Whale - Break It Down

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We fell asleep in the middle of the fury

What I'm Wearing - Swirly print vintage dress from Cream, price: $20; Embroidered purple blouse/cardigan from op shop; Embroidered pink button up w/collar from op shop; Pink bow shoes by I Love Billy shoes; Crinoline from Etsy.

This outfit has no special occasion or notion, I just wanted an excuse to prance around in this swirly print dress. And of course, I wore my crinoline/petticoat underneath to show off the flare of the skirt. It has little godet sections around the base which gives it that dreamy skater skirt look. Ignore the experimental editing - I was trying to make that blue backdrop more interesting. :)

What I'm Listening to: Sleigh Bells - Demons

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This post is not about Fashion Week

Nope, i'm sure all of you were expecting it - a post about fashion week. Considering I am a 'fashion blogger' it's probably expected, but I find it really hard to get into the hype of the event (unless, you're there of course.)
So, as stated in the title, this post is not about fashion week but rather about some little gems i've been enjoying lately. Bits & pieces of inspiration for all of you who are frazzled by the fashion week fuss. Surely, it's not only me.

Collete Vermeulen - 

I seem to have this habit of finding brands/collections that are extremely adorable but have little information on them. Maybe that's half the charm. Nonetheless, Colette Vermeulen's lookbook is filled with textural & structural ensembles. There's slashes of colour, flourishes of frays and blocks of embroidery. These pieces make me want to go and grab a shirt, attack it with thread and scissors and wear it with pride.  Check out her blogspot as well. 
*All pictures from the lookbook

"Clothes are the canvas, material is the paint, and the designer creates with unbounded imagination."
Everlasting Sprout is the product of Japanese designers Keiichi Muramatsu and Noriko Seki. The Bunka Fashion College graduates focus their expertise mainly on knitwear, adding a flavour of authenticity and unique-ness to the brand. Since 2005, Everlasting Sprout has produced a number of collections, all retaining the humble aesthetic upon which it is built. 
*Images from 'collections' section of site. They have a blogspot too.

This London-based label have been creating arrays of prints and collections for years, each collection getting more and more wonderfully geometric. Their latest collection exhibits the continuing creative skill behind the label; the exploration of greens, blues and yellows make these garments stand out from the crowd. 


Which collection/designer is your favourite? Do you follow the fashion week madness?

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